Some Interior Specifications for CreateSpace Paperbacks

CreateSpace, being a major player in the self-publishing industry has, attracted the attention of many independent authors who wish to build their writing careers. Thus, rather than just sit there and wait for mainstream agents and publishers to approve your

Specification Requirements for a CreateSpace Book Cover

Specification Requirements for a CreateSpace Book Cover

CreateSpace is the self-publishing platform that makes it possible for authors to create paperbacks and distribute them through Amazon. Its main advantage is that it permits print on demand, which means authors can have both paperback and eBook formats ready

Self-Publishing with Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble occupies the enviable position of the largest book retailer in the USA, explaining why many fresh entrants into the self-publishing industry choose it. If you’ve ever published with Kindle, Barnes & Noble won’t be much of a

Facts about EPUB and Publishing with iBookstore

If you’re a self-publishing author targeting readers on iPad, learning about Apple’s standard for eBooks can prove handy in the long run. Apple has made it possible for users of its e-reading devices to access thousands of eBooks via the

How Not to be Amateurish in Self-Publishing

How Not to be Amateurish in Self-Publishing

Self-publishing has its own perks and challenges. While being your own boss throughout the book writing process allows you to express your talents and prowess, less supervision may expose you to blunders that can hurt your business. However, you can

Interactive Magazines: Making the Most of Them!

As we all know, our generation is seeing a transition to a mobile era, which means more and more individuals are clamouring for content “on the go”. And that means content that they can interact with. With roughly one mobile

Self Publishing: The Canadian Landscape

As Canada surpassed the 35 million mark in its population growth in 2013, there is one very surprising statistic that might raise the eyebrows of some of our readers. Compared to the 20,000 to 30,000 books that traditional publishers in

IngramSpark: The Best of Many Worlds for Indie Publishers!

IngramSpark: The Best of Many Worlds for Indie Publishers!

As an Indie publisher, you are responsible for a broad slew of activities including: a) Visualizing and conceptualizing your content b) Creating the content c) Publishing the book/novel d) Distributing your work And since you’ve chosen to “go independent”, you

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