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Publishing can be described as a difficult feat for authors who have not yet proven their writing prowess. The only way to get the attention of publishers in the past could be just out of sheer luck or by having your name associated with a bestselling novel. And even if you have already established your name in a certain genre, there are still other major things to be concerned about, like how to sell those printed copies in order to get your targeted sales and your publishers return on investment.

Thanks to the innovations in modern publishing methods, authors can now eliminate the need to worry about inventory. Take for instance the publishing services offered by Kindle Direct Publishing, authors who choose to self-publish their works are given the option to print on demand. So instead of printing copies for distribution, only those that are already purchased and paid for will be printed then delivered to buyers. This is also an added advantage to authors who do not have enough funds to invest in printing books that do not have a 100% assurance of being sold out. Basically, there will be no more need to spend money in advance inventory. No need to fear wasting your hard-earned cash.

In addition, Amazon also offers the convenience of same-day shipping to buyers in the US and UK. Publishers and writers who use KDP in publishing their books will enjoy the benefit of having their titles always available for buyers who are interested in their work. Self-publishing authors will also have control over the creative matters of the book-making process while getting a chance to own the rights to their work. The industry-leading royalties that authors get from every sale their books make are sure to make them happy.

If you are aiming to publish your book the easy way, you can make it happen with the help of the experts from The Fast Fingers’ quality book formatting service. Another thing is the competitive pricing you will surely come to appreciate.


Avoiding Inventory Worries Through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)