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Book experts and consultants have much to say about the different publishing companies that now abound in the virtual book business. Wherever you look, it is impossible not to read or hear different things about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Here are some of the factors that make authors continue to rave about the services it has to offer.


In general, KDP is mostly free of charge because they offer self-publishers the option to use the free services. If you are just testing the waters, it would be a good place for you to start out. Compared to other online venues for self-publishing, KDP offers the most competitive set-up costs and you won’t need a huge amount just to get your book to the right audience.

Availability of More Printing Options

Another expense that you will have to face when self-publishing is the charge for printing. Other online publishing systems only offer one alternative for printing while KDP offers two different plans – one for standard and the other for professionals. Thus, you can choose a plan that would suit not only your budget but your needs as well.


Amazon takes pride in KDP because it is indeed the easiest choice over all the rest. When you decide to use its services, you won’t have to worry about title set-up fees or membership charges. You will be in control with the income your book will generate because it offers a flexible royalty model. Furthermore, you will not be bound by any contracts so you can always change your mind with your future distribution and publishing decisions.

If you have not yet decided which online publishing service to choose, the things mentioned above would surely help in your decision-making. Why look for other options when you can work with the best. Amazon won’t be on top of the game if it has not yet proven its worth.

If you are to ask what makes The Fast Fingers a good choice, there are many reasons that previous users will surely talk wildly about. From the high quality services to the on time delivery of your books. You will always find a reason to smile by the time your book is complete and ready for publishing.

Comparing Kindle Direct Publishing to Other Online Publishing Platforms