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Wow…It’s all done! At long last you’ve finished the final edits for your next book. Good for you! Now what? You are leaning towards self publishing, and are looking for a distribution channel that will help you publish and distribute your masterpiece.


If self publishing is where your head space is at, then why not head out to CreateSpace (CS) or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)? Using either/both of these platforms opens a whole wide world of standard and enhanced distribution options for self publishers:

1. Standard distribution channels:

a)  Amazon.Com: For one, you’ll be able to tap into one of the largest distribution channels on the planet,
b) Amazon Europe: If your audience includes European readers and subscribers, then you can also tap into distribution networks like,,,, and, giving your book exposure across the European continent
c) eStore: If you use CreateSpace, you can publicise and sell your books through your individual CS eStore. The store offers unique customization features which can be used to make your eStore into an extension of your personal website
d) Kindle Direct Publishing eBooks: Broaden your market share by using a professional eBook conversion service to also make your titles available in eBook format. eBook readers are the wave of the future, and having an eBook version of your title will give you an edge over fellow authors with hard-cover titles only

2. Enhanced distribution channels:

a) Multiple online and bricks-and-mortar options: And if you want to grab even more share of the market for your titles, then there are extended distribution channels that you can tap through CS. You’ll be able to make your books available through online retailers and bricks-and-mortar bookstores, including NACSCORP, Ingram and Barns & Noble
b) Libraries and learning centers: Your books can be made available to a broad network of academic institutions, libraries and other centers of learning through Baker & Taylor.
c) Sell direct via CreateSpace: Use CreateSpace Directs’ wholesale website to sell your books to a wide range of certified resellers

Without the help and support offered by services like CS and KDP, self publishers would have an uphill task trying to get access to the vast distribution channel that these services offer.


Of course, nothing comes for FREE, and there’s a cost to self-publish using these services, depending on how much you opt for. In most cases, the “basic setup” is free – but only if you already have the prerequisites: Cover design, and acceptably formatted book ready for upload. But if you choose additional optional services, you will have to pay accordingly.

Costs will vary depending on the size, number of pages, color versus black/white. And you will likely have to pay for the number of proofs you purchase. You will definitely have to pay for at least one “Authors copy”.

On balance though, self publishing will be cheaper and faster than going the traditional publishing route, especially if you partner with a professional book formatting service to help you with some of the more “mundane” aspects – like page breaks, margins, headers, footers and such!


A large part of a writer’s day is spent on:

a) Envisioning
b) Thinking
c) Visualizing
d) Storyboarding
e) Creating

That leaves precious little time to deal with formatting and other finer points of the book. Though formatting and layout design is vital to delivering a high-quality final product, thanks to professional service providers like The Fast Fingers, writers no longer have to deal with this process themselves. The Fast Fingers book formatting and layout services have helped many aspiring writers fulfill their dreams, and can give provide you all help need with interior book design.

What does that mean for you? Distribution made easy, through well known services like CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing! AND, it also means lots more time available for YOU to spend on the creative aspects of your trade!

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CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing: Great Distribution Channels Writers Should Explore!