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CreateSpace is one distribution channel of a kind. It has many advantages that make it standout among other distribution channels. For many years, CreateSpace has been a reliable and highly effective Amazon tool. It doesn’t offer you publishing platforms only but also incorporates distribution services too.

Here are some of the benefits of CreateSpace well expounded.

Expanded distribution

Expanded distribution gives you access to greater audience incorporation by opening avenues for you to access more online bookstores, retailers, distributors, academic institutions and libraries in America. Expanded distribution also increases awareness about your book. However, even if you don’t include your title in the Expanded Distribution, CreateSpace will ensure that your titles are distributed through eStore channels, Amazon.com and Amazon Europe.

May be you are wondering on how expanded distribution operates;

Through expanded distribution, you can make your book available on order and distribute it too. When you enlist with this distributor, you then will be available to retailers who definitely purchase your book. Though this channel doesn’t guarantee that your book will be ordered, it’s a great placement to market your book.
In order to distribute your book through online retailers and bookstores, you need to avail your book to retailers such as NACSCORP and Ingram and retailers such as the Barnes and Noble for both online and offline services.

You can also make your book available in academic institutions and libraries through such channels as the Baker and Taylor.
Better still, you can avail your book to certified resellers through CreateSpace Direct; in an effort to serve customers better, this system may change or add channels for greater efficiency in service to its members.

Who is illegible for CreateSpace Distribution?

Your distribution eligibility is dependent on your alignment to specifications of a given distribution channel. Distribution channels may have varied specifications that differ one from the other. You need to find out what your distribution channel requires of you.

Do you need to update your book already in the Expanded Distribution?

CreateSpace accommodates any requests by their clients to make changes on their books both for interior and cover files. You need to understand that for every new change request submitted for your book, will be charged $25. This is applicable on books that are enlisted in the Expanded Distribution only. If by any means, you may need their services to update your files, then those services will come with added charges. Note that your book will continue to appear in the former version until the changes take effect which may take up to six weeks before they propagate well in the entire distribution channel.

Update: Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace are now one service.

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[Updated] CreateSpace Book Distribution Channel You Can Rely On