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The art of converting more readers!

If you are an Indie book writer or publisher, you are always looking for ways to reach a much broader audience than you now command and that’s not always easy as it sounds. Why? Because unlike the “Big Guys”, you just have a limited budget to do all the things that mainstream publishers do. In reality, the deck is stacked against the “little guys”.

All that can change…and here’s how!
Level The Publishing Playing Field Now!
Have you ever thought about converting your existing or new titles into eBooks? If not, then it’s about time! Why? Because:

  • eBooks are (doing to the book publishing and reading industry) what Laptops and Tablets did to the desktop industry a decade or so ago: They are reinventing the industry!
  • The ubiquitous nature of portable and hand-held devices means that, by converting your content into eBooks, you’ll be able to reach a much broader audience!
  • And because, if done professionally, the eBook conversion process saves you so much time, your books and magazines can be out there faster than print publishing can ever manage!

By converting your content into eBooks, you are essentially taking on the more established publishing houses, and levelling the playing field in your favour. And to do that, you need an eBook conversion specialist that really knows the business well! And that’s where The Fast Fingers can help.

Offering your readers choices

Converting more readers into your avid fans takes more than just producing PDF files from your manuscripts. This is the age of eBook readers, and just as people have different tastes in what they read, they also have different preferences in how to read them. You therefore need an eBook conversion service which can offer your readers choices, when it comes to making your titles accessible to your loyal readers, you’ll find The Fast Fingers a very resourceful partner. You will receive:

  • Mobi/.Kpf format file
  • EPUB formatted file

You can offer your readers titles that can be accessed on Kindle eReaders, Apple iBooks, iPads and BN Nook. They will be able to read your book at their desks or in bed, on the bus or train, or while they stand in line at the coffee shop.

If your eBooks offer readers broad choices, then you’ll be able to draw a larger following of readership every time you publish a new title, because that’s the way readers like it. They don’t want to be restricted – they want choice.

More than just conversion

If you think that making it big in online publishing is just about mastering a few eBook conversion tools – you’re wrong! It takes more than simply being a “software expert” to convert eBooks and make them convert readers into book buyers.

With The Fast Fingers on your side:

  • You’ll get a reliable partner who has been in the business long enough to know everything there is about the eBook conversion business
  • You’ll be able to leverage that experience to ensure your books are converted quickly, so you can meet your publication deadlines
  • You’ll have a partner that converts eBooks accurately, every time, because they are intimately familiar with all the major online publishers’ strict standards

Most of all, you’ll be able to tap into an entire network of value-added services, like book interior formatting, book cover design, and ebook conversion. As an Indie writer that already has lots of other pressing matters on your plate, why would you want to engage multiple service providers to deal with all those multiple challenges?

One window ebook conversion…and much more!

If you are an Indie Writer that needs cost-effective, quick eBook conversion, conversions without any issues or problems with publishers, and someone looking for other add-on services related to eBooks (Formatting, Designing, Proof reading etc.), The Fast Fingers is the one-window shop that you can rely on. Why would you want it any other way?