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As of late, an increasing number of self-publishers have developed a preference for CreateSpace over all the other options available on the virtual world. This online publishing system allows authors to publish their work with ease and within a short span of time. In 2018, CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) announced that they will be one service.  The merging will make KDP the new place for self-published authors.

It is also important to note that the not-so-internet-savvy writers may find the technicalities somehow confusing at times. So here are some tips that would help make the process more hassle-free:

Before uploading, make sure to edit your work.

For most self-published authors, they also do the task of editing their own work. And more often, some misused or misspelled words remain unnoticed because the brain may fill in the words or letters that are not actually there. If you could not get someone else to do the editing job, then let one or two weeks pass before you edit the content. This time, print it on paper and read again the content to spot the spelling flaws, grammatical errors and the overall quality of your work. When you have already made the necessary corrections, incorporate the changes to the electronic copy so that it will become ready for upload.

Convert the file to an upload-ready format.

Online publishing services like KDP require specific formats before you can upload your book to the system. The conversion from Word documents to portable document format (or PDF) can be done using free programs available on the internet. But if you will find the process too complicated, you can book formatting services to convert the files the right way.

Prepare a good cover design.

No matter how good a writer you are, never take the risk of creating your own cover design if you do not have the artistic talent. If creating a cover design proves to be a struggle for you, you can hire the experts to do this part. Aside from the images and the texts, there is the issue about file formatting which could be rejected if not done correctly. So to avoid stress, let the professionals do the thing that they do best. Budget will not be much of a problem because you can look for those providers who offer high quality service for less.

Authors would attest to the fact that KDP is fairly easy to use. And this is the main reason it is more popular than all the other free publishing services available on the internet these days. You will also find KDP user-friendly even if you are still inexperienced in the field of self-publishing.

Self-publishing is a trend that has caught the interest of aspiring authors. If you are thinking of joining this trend, you would surely be glad about the services offered at The Fast Fingers. From formatting to book cover design to other services related to book-making, we have what it takes to get the job done.

[Helpful Tips]: Stress-free Self-Publishing at Kindle Direct Publishing
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