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Self-publishing has its own perks and challenges. While being your own boss throughout the book writing process allows you to express your talents and prowess. Less supervision may expose you to blunders that can hurt your business. However, you can still strive to deliver a non-amateurish product, despite not publishing with traditional channels.

Ensure 100% perfection of your content. This involves reading the content severally, proofreading, editing and fixing all typos. Ensure the format is okay and acceptable to your intended self-publishing platform. In as much as you’d want to enjoy a level of autonomy, don’t let that prevent you from seeking professional help with editors or fellow writers. Make sure that you seek the opinion of three or more persons on the quality of your work.

Professional book formatting

You don’t want to leave anything to chance as you strive to design your book in line with acceptable standards. In this regard, you should consider your book’s cover and interior design, to create the right impression of professionalism.

Book cover design

An important component of your marketing efforts. It is what many readers will use to judge your work, especially if they’ve not read it before. Do some research to help you come up with the best cover design.

Similarly, a professional cover designer can help you make the right decisions about what fonts, colors and graphics to employ. For a book with best-seller potential, a simple design with bold images and colorful but modern fonts on title and author names goes a long way. Avoid fonts such as Times New Roman which may seem too common and amateurish.

Don’t forget about image resolution as well as size. Since you’re most probably going to be marketing and even selling your title online, the image you have for your cover should be of a high resolution and legible even when reduced to thumbnail size.

Professional authors work out a good plan for how or where they’ll source images to use on book covers. For professional purposes, don’t pick an image from the internet to Photoshop and use it as though it’s your own. Originality and quality are critical in marketing your idea as original and authentic.

It also makes sense to try out several cover designs with a selected portion of your audience and evaluate their feedback. You can use the feedback for improvement to deploy a book cover that suits the desires of your target market.

One thing independent authors need to remain aware of is that their titles are in competition with millions of others, a good portion of which is from mainstream publishing houses. This means that such authors cannot spare efforts in ensuring delivery of the most professional product.

While it’s your job to do the writing, The Fast Fingers will offer you professional book formatting and layout services to bolster the success of your writing venture.

How Not to be Amateurish in Self-Publishing

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