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If you’re an aspiring author, self-publishing can end the long wait for you and offer channels to make your work known to the entire world within no time. You’ll have access to tools or professional services that can ensure you meet expected standards in book formatting, cover design or PDF formatting/conversion. This comes as a reprieve, as many authors would attest to the fact that it may take years or even a life-time for an agent or established mainstream publishing house to notice or even hear about an aspiring author. But it’s highly disappointing for writers to take their time coming up with a story they’re convinced can become a best seller and wait in vain for a lucrative publishing deal to come by.

One of the most popular self-publishing platforms is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Once you upload your novel with the platform, you can have it published on the Amazon Kindle Store. The good thing is that you’ll rake in 70% of royalties coming off your title’s sales. The system here is straight forward, as you only need to approach the platform with a final product and publish it in less than 5 minutes. Then, the book is available on Amazon for sale within 24 hours. Titles published via the Kindle platform will be available for reading on Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Macintosh and the Desktop.

Now that CreateSpace and KDP are one service, your title is offered in the market in digital format and as print-ready. This is specifically useful for authors that wish to capitalize on print-on-demand. You can also choose an expanded distribution option where you book is offered via Amazon as well as thousands of other outlets such as Barnes and Noble. Thus, KDP is positioned as the best strategic option for authors that wish to have their titles available in both paperback and digital format as well as over an extensive market area.

Lulu publishing is one of the pioneers of the self-publishing industry. The platform can help you reach out to your target audience wherever it might be. The platform focuses on helping authors deliver their stories on any practical medium worldwide. Thus, you can use Lulu to publish and sell a title via your own website, electronic devices, online stores, or any other appropriate content market place. Outskirtspress and Smashwords are also key players in the self publishing industry.

The good thing is that authors that follow the self-publishing route may take advantage of available marketing and promotion channels to enhance their titles’ success rates. Online methods such as readers’ forums and social networking sites are perfect mediums to publicise fresh titles. Authors may also utilize book awards, literary festivals and other offline channels to make their work known.

The days when one could have a dream of becoming a writer and end up not realizing it are long gone. The key here is to tell a captivating story and deliver a product that meets book design, eBook formatting and cover design standards of the publishing industry.

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How Self-Publishing has Come in to Save the Day for Aspiring Authors

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