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As an Indie publisher, you are responsible for a broad slew of activities including:

a) Visualizing and conceptualizing your content
b) Creating the content
c) Publishing the book/novel
d) Distributing your work

And since you’ve chosen to “go independent”, you have to wear multiple hats in order for your book to become a success. But you don’t have to do so all by yourself anymore. Help is just a click away!


IngramSpark (Ingram), a wholly owned entity of the largest book distributor in the world, Ingram Content Group, offers self publishers a unique opportunity to experience the best of several publishing worlds. What that means is that wearing some of those multiple hats is now just a bit easier for self published writers. And here’s why:

1) The Publisher’s world: Ingram has a large book publishing operation which gives them broad experience in this highly competitive business. Indie writers and self publishers can tap into that experience by opting for publication through Ingram

2) The Distributor’s world:   With a presence in over 133 countries, Ingram offers Indie writers unrivalled access to global markets, not just to Europe or North America. Think of the opportunity you have with that kind of exposure. Even Amazon’s CreateSpace (CS) uses Ingram for distribution, so why not just go direct to Ingram and pocket some of that CS discount for yourself?

3) The Aggregator’s world: For Indie authors, you have a choice of working independently with each online retailer (e.g. Amazon, Barns & Noble, Hobo, Apple), or you may distribute your books through Ingram as an “aggregator”. That means your eBook and print books can be uploaded just once at Ingram, with other publishers and distributors “hooking” into Ingram to get access to your titles.

Ingram even has the networks to make your titles available to brick and mortar bookstores. And because Amazon competes directly with many brick and mortar stores, most will not allow Amazon titles on their shelves. That’s yet another reason to consider Ingram as a source for your next self publishing project.

Clearly self publishers have a great thing going with Ingram.


When it comes to counting their money however, many Indie writers are often caught off-guard – especially when it comes to understanding how “discounts” work. Ingram offers two levels of discounts – 40% and 55%. If you aren’t interested in actively distributing your book/novel in brick and mortar outlets, then the 55% option is highly recommended.

Assuming your book retails at $25, here’s what to expect if you opt for Ingram’s “55% discount” policy:

a) The bookstores will get a 40% discount on the retail price (they pay Ingram $15.00 for your book)
b) Ingram gets 15% of retail ($3.75)
c) For each book, you’ll receive 45% of the retail price, making $11.25 (i.e. Retail price minus 55% discount)

Before using a self publishing service, you need to understand how the money will be calculated, and what will ultimately end up in your bank account. Otherwise, you’ll be spinning your wheels wondering where your money went!


Although companies like IngramSpark have definitely changed the indie publishing industry landscape, there is still room for writers to not go independent all the way. Indie publishing demands a lot of time, attention and patience from a single resource – the indie writer. And we all know that no single person can “do it all”!  And that’s why you need to be on the lookout for partners for success.

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IngramSpark: The Best of Many Worlds for Indie Publishers!

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