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There are quite a number of important things to consider when you upload your book to the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). The quality of your content is one thing that you need to ensure. Some grammar lapses are bound to happen while writing your manuscript. This can only be corrected if you proofread your work. Do not rely on your own proofreading because there is a big chance that some errors will go unnoticed. This happens all the time, writers tend to fill in the missing words or fail to see the minor mistakes.

Asking somebody else to proofread your work would also be a wise move to make. Make sure to look for someone who has technical knowledge about the rules of grammar and writing. If you will pick out anybody you know, it would defeat the purpose of pinpointing errors in your work.

Print your work, reading on paper will allow you to see errors that you will miss when you do the proofreading on your computer monitor. Even the best writers in the world will make a good number of mistakes while typing their ideas into words. The only solution is to proofread until you believe that you have already made the necessary rectifications for the grammatical and spelling errors.

Auto-check functions may be available on word processing programs but these do not produce 100% accuracy. It is always a must to proofread your work manually because this is the only sure way to come up with an error-free work. Proofread and edit as many times as possible before you finally decide to hit that publish button on the KDP uploading page.

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[KDP Tip] Avoid Proofreading Nightmares When Publishing