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Once you have completed your book, the next thing you would think about as an author is how to publish it. You will then need to bring it forward to your target readers. Getting your book published may no longer be as hard as it used to be in the past years because of the opportunity offered by self-publishing. Marketing and selling the book may still prove to be a challenge to some authors who opt to self-publish.

One very effective way to get the attention of potential readers is by creating a very good book description. This can also be hard to compose for some. This article presents some suggestions that you can try when you want to come up with a description prior to uploading your book to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Include the necessary elements that make a good book description.

A book description is not only intended to fill the back cover of your book. With more books published through online platforms, the description is also written for social media networks and for readers to have a glimpse of what’s inside the book. It is also a critical factor in promoting your book. As such, it is only essential for a writer to know what a good description should consist:

a)  Just write about the main plot or theme.
b) Write in present tense and use third person.
c)  Evoke emotions by using power words.
d) Keep it short (below 150 words is the most ideal).

The book description’s main purpose is to be used as marketing material. You need not include subplots or describe the characters of the story. It must be able to entice the reader to get a copy and read more. Though short and abridged, it has to give the readers a hint of what to expect of the story.

As you work with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) in marketing your self-published book, you will discover that there are a lot of things to learn about publishing your work online. And if you will take heed of what the experts have to say about book formatting and publishing, you will have a better chance at success in your endeavor.

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Publishing with KDP and Making Your Book Description More Effective