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The publishing world is aware of the fact that CreateSpace has already established a reputation of being a huge favorite among self-publishing authors. And there are many reasons behind this popularity. Aside from being a part of the Amazon network, CreateSpace is highly preferred by self-publishers both newbies and experts alike for the amazing benefits it could offer.

Financial Advantage

Compared to other online publishing platforms, CreateSpace offers great economics to authors through low book pricing and higher book royalty rate.

Wider Scope of Distribution

Even if it is your first time to publish a book, you can reach out to more potential readers since CreateSpace offers broad distribution channels. It also offers the expanded distribution program which allows an author to sell books to thousands of wholesale and retail outlets all over the United States as well as through Amazon.com.

Reasonably Priced Options for Publishing

There are many different options available for self-publishers ranging from free to paid services. If the budget is somehow limited, authors may choose to go with the free publishing options which allow them to publish their books on their own.

Quick Publishing Process

In just as short as 7 days, a published book can already be made available in retail and wholesale outlets. And there is no need to worry about inventory because readers will only download copies and enjoy the content via e-readers. Unlike traditional publishing methods, authors won’t have to deal with long waiting periods for production and, that is, if the book ever gets the attention of publishers.

Excellent Support

All throughout the publishing process, authors will enjoy out-and-out support from the experts that comprise the CreateSpace technical support team.

With the reasons listed above, it is quite obvious why authors prefer to use the services. There may be lots of online publishing systems available on the World Wide Web these days but not all are as well-liked as CreateSpace.

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CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are now one service.  Visit KDP to know the steps on how to continue working on your books.

[Updated ]Reasons Why Authors Choose CreateSpace for Self-Publishing