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Creating a manuscript of messages that needed to be remembered has been a norm ever since the world came into existence. With that being the most basic thing humans first learn as soon as they gain their senses, every child is taught how to read and write. In the past few centuries, when the scientific inventions had not made much progress in the world of writing, the only way to convey your message to another person was either through a self-written manuscript or in the latter years, a typewriter. Even at those times, not everyone who held a passion for writing books could afford a typewriter, hence never getting a chance to become a well-known writer.

All of that came to an end when technology stepped in the world and now there is nothing left in this world that requires manual work. Manuscripts turned into printed documentation and electronic mail is the most mainstream thing nowadays. Everyone is free to write whatever they are passionate about but here comes the problem. Even after writing amazing content, not many people get their books published which is why their best option comes down to getting professional book formatting services. Here are the reasons, why self-published writers should get a professional team to get their back.

It is affordable

Many self-published authors need someone who will help them sincerely with their work but also not charge them much. A little investment makes sense but sometimes, self-publishing authors end up spending more on their work as compared to when they hire a professional team. If you are on a low-budget, you can contact a professional book formatting service company no matter what type of work you want to publish. Starting from paperback formatting to e-book conversion, to children’s book illustration to book cover design, etc.

Book formatting services know all the requirements of different book publishing houses

Your content may be great but every publishing house has set some standards according to which they accept content from self-publishing authors and publish their books. The reason why a lot of great content gets held back from getting published is because it lacks some of the standard requirements set by the publishing platforms. But if you hire a professional book formatting services team, they will help you in tweaking your content a bit just according to the set requirements and thus, your book would be published without a second thought.

Your work load is divided

Hiring a professional team works in more than one ways. Think of all the marketing and business dealing along with creating amazing content at the same time. Does not leave you a lot of room for work when you are loaded with extra work. If you hire a professional team, your work load will become divided and the team will take care of all the things for you.

It is a great investment in terms of your future publications

Think of the time when your book becomes one of the best-selling books. You would most certainly need more help for your next book in the series. If you already make great relations with a book formatting service company, chances are, with their help, your next book in line would be successful too.

Reasons Why Self-published Authors Need Professional Book Formatting Service

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    From what I read my situation may be unusual, in that I do not want to sell my book. I have written it for family and close friends and will want 50 copies. It will be given away. I do not need editing services, as I am a retired English teacher, I belong to a Writers’ Group which vets each others’ work, and I have two copy editor friends who will go over the final product before publishing. I need help on the formatting. I know the size I want (8″ x 10″), and the approximate number of pages (under 200), all black print with no photos, graphs, or charts. I plan to have a 4″ x 6″ photo on the outside back cover and some yet undecided, befitting image on the front cover. Since I am giving this away, I am looking for the best price I can find for help with preparing it for publishing. My first book was printed by IngramSpark, through the University of Washington Book Store Press, which set up the formatting. They are no longer offering this service, which brings me to inquire at fastfingers. What terms would you offer?

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