mobile phone with social media icons displayed on screen
mobile phone with social media icons displayed on screen

Author’s Platforms are a set of tools available whenever and wherever you want, and which tools you choose to master depends on you.

This platform includes a website, social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Newsletter, etc

How are we gonna utilize this platform?

  1. Build your community using Twitter
  2. Meet fellow authors and publishers on LinkedIn
  3. Join book readers and author groups on Facebook
  4. Take eye-candy images and upload them to Instagram
  5. Produce a video to share knowledge on how to write a book or anything related to your brand on Youtube
  6. Creating mood boards on Pinterest that are related to your brand.
  7. Find trending challenges in Tiktok relevant to your work.

Who will create your website? Here are the options you have:

  1. Do it yourself if you have experience with coding and design, or purchase a template,
  2. Use a website creator app like WordPress, Weebly, Elementor, etc.,
  3. Pay a web developer/designer to create a website for you,
  4. Have someone in your circle who likes to do this kind of work,
  5. Options 1 to 4 are not for you, hire a professional to do it.

Maintaining social media account takes so much of your work and time. It is important to be updated with the algorithm of each platform. Master at least two platforms, take the time to get to know them before you proceed to the next. 

Are you ready to set up your Author Platform?

Setting Up Author Platform

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