Update: CreateSpace is now merged with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

You may have had these brilliant novel ideas in mind for a while, but finally decided to “put pen to paper.” Thanks to CreateSpace, you can have your paperback published in no time if you follow their paperback formatting guidelines on the dot.

You’ll definitely need a word processor to do a splendid job, though CreateSpace needs you to convert your manuscript to PDF to be considered for publishing. Most authors like to use MS Word because it’s sophisticated enough to help prepare a professional document, yet simple enough to learn and grasp.

Create Space will need you to accomplish a few book formatting tasks within MS Word before your submission can be accepted. The first thing CreateSpace highlights as an interior formatting requirement is page size. The self-publishing platform cautions against using 8.5” x 11”, which is the default page size for many Ms Word versions.

Thus, you’ll need to access the Page Layout tab, if you’re using MS Word 2007. Clicking on “Margins” gives you the option of custom margins, which can take you to the Page Setup dialog box. Alternatively, you can click on the arrow to the right of “Page Setup”, still on the Page Layout tab, to go directly to the Page Setup box.

The Page Setup dialog box has three tabs, Margins, Paper and Layout. Click on “Paper” to set a custom size for your paperback. Take into consideration your book’s final trim size while setting the correct size.

You also don’t want live elements of your book running over the edges. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it also compromises reader experience. It will also beat your efforts to acquire stunning graphics, images or pictures only for parts of them to bleed to the edges.

That’s why CreateSpace paperback formatting guidelines recommend a .125” provision for bleed. Thus, if your paperback has a size of A x B, allowing for bleed means you should set a size of (a+0.125) x (b+0.125).

When it comes to margins, it’ll all depend on the number of pages of your book. The setting is available under the margins tab of the Page Layout box. The number of pages of your book will determine the margin you set for gutter area. It follows that; a book with more pages will have a bigger gutter margin.

Remember to select Mirror margins for your book’s gutter area. This will make sure the settings you keep do apply uniformly for pages on the left as well as those on the right. The option is available under multiple pages section of the Page Setup dialog box.

Outside margins are also an essential aspect of page setup. CreateSpace recommends outside margins of at least .25” for any page count.

You can visit CreateSpace for Gutter margin specifications depending on page count.

You can add any other stunning features to your book’s interior, but the above are essential. Once done, a PDF converter can come in handy in conversion of your document to eBook.

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Some Interior Formatting Considerations When Publishing through CreateSpace