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Recipes for Adventures book cover

I wrote and designed my first e-book, Recipes for Adventure, as a PDF for computer viewing. I did a reasonably good job using WORD, but when it came time to redesign the e-book for Print on Demand, I quickly discovered I was in way over my head. Because of the pricing structure of full-color POD books, I had to fit more text and photos on fewer pages in order to be able to sell the book at a competitive price and still make a profit. I checked with several design services and The Fast Fingers Book Formatting Service offered a very fair price for the amount of work involved which included 200 photos. Rutchie and Jeny were eager to take on the project and they were a pleasure to work with.

Chef Glenn McAllister author of Recipes for Adventure: Healthy, Hearty and Homemade Backpacking Recipes

Thank you for all your help and please share my thanks with your team. It was a pleasure working with you.

Lee Throw author of Storm’s Chase, Priceless Christmas, Biblical Truth and Missing Pages

book front covered with green leaves and heart-shaped fruits and veggies

Had a great experience with Fast Fingers. They formatted my book and created the most amazing cover and back cover. They are very professional and are not satisfied until you are. Highly recommend them.

Sherry Shrallow author of Staying Alive: Healing from Heart Disease

Book Cover of Russia and Me by Shelia Kineer Robb

I’ve been so very happy with the way The Fast Fingers Formatting gave the professional edge to my latest book, Russia and Me. Also, the work they did with the cover is fantastic. From now on, I’ll publish all my books with the help of Fast Fingers Formatting Service.

Shelia Kinnerr Robb author of An American Nurse in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Me