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Indie writers have it way more difficult to get success and recognition as compared to the writers who have big publishing houses behind them. It is known for a fact that there are a million more indie writers out there, putting up their work directly for the readers, thanks to the internet. But there is a whole lot more to publishing your work as an indie writer than just getting the writing done. Self-publishing is not an easy task. You have to work on marketing yourself and choosing the correct ways of advertising yourself in the sea of endless talented indie writers struggling to get to the same level of recognition as you.

Before you must know anything else, always remember that nothing can be done overnight. Patience just might be the most important thing to practice out of all the rest. It might take about a year or so for you to finally get noticed by a big number of readers out there. What else should you know about self-publishing is mentioned below.

1. Evaluate Your Goal

This is the most important thing to keep a track of once you start your journey as an indie writer. If your target is clear enough, you will save yourself from the trouble of feeling all over the place. What is the main reason for publishing yourself as an indie writer? Are you trying to make your dream come true? Or do you plan on publishing a series of books like Harry Potter? Or do you want to be the groundbreaker for a specific genre? Clear the air before you put up your work. Then follow your goal to get where you wish to be.

2. Do not Expect Your Work to Blow Up

Expectations hurt. It is true. If you are expecting your incredible work to have hundreds of reads overnight or even after two or three months, you might be asking for too much. The number of books published in the modern world is 130 million. There is so much to read and let’s be fair with your target audience, it is impossible to receive endless reviews and reads in a short time. Remember that it will at least take half a year or so to have thousands of reads that too if you choose the right ways to market yourself.

3. Writing A Series Would Be Ideal

Do not just write one book and stop. That will show your lack of interest as an indie writer with potential. It can be abrupt to write a book and then completely switch to a different genre and write another book, trying to put something out there under your name just for the sake of not stopping at one publish. Which is why to consider writing a series. It will be ideal because you will not fail to keep the interest of readers who read the first part of the series, they are likely to read the next part too and it will ensure that you are invested with your time, efforts and brain in the book.

4. Small Things Matter

Having confidence over your work is a really important aspect of success. It matters a lot more than just what it seems. Similarly, the title of your book, the cover you choose to go with, summary you write for the book, these smaller parts of the whole process of self-publishing as an indie writer matter. Because you do not get to have the name of a big publishing house on your book. So putting extra meaning and effort into smaller things can make you more interesting as an indie writer.

5. Website, Email & Social Media Profiles

Create a website, actively communicate with your readers and keep it updated. Find ways to have your readers respond to you through your email address. Use social media as much as you can because it just might be the right platform to gather the maximum amount of readers you can in a short amount of time.

Remember that it only takes time but hard work and consistency always pays off in unexpected ways. Stay committed to writing and have enough faith in going up front with your work and give yourself some time.

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Things Indie Writers Must Know About Self-Publishing

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