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Readers will always have interest on ways they can ensure the best health for their families. Even as doctors and other healthcare practitioners endeavor to provide the best services for conditions such as heart diseases and cancer, more and more people choose to carry out independent research on any medication that’s being recommended to them. This makes it essential for all writers on matters of human health to provide well researched information that can help people make informed decisions.

Below are some of the most useful resources if you’re trying to offer your readers information they can rely on even as they seek more expert help from trained health practitioners.

The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is a credible authority on matters that pertain to healthy living. The website carries expert opinion from more than 3,300 active health care practitioners. Mayo clinic is itself a health care provider, and thus, information provided is based on both expertise and practical experience.


The site is similar to Mayo Clinic as it offers expert advice from real health care practitioners, based on both experiences and practice.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

It turns out that governments all over the world are not only stakeholders in public health but also important policy makers on the same. That’s why it makes perfect sense to consider what the government is saying if you’re writing an eBook on health care. A website such as CDC can prove very handy in this regard.
This website has information on food safety, healthy living, disease control, chemical safety and many aspects of public health in which you may be interested.

Medical Journals

No eBook on health care can be convincing if it does not refer to peer reviewed or other forms of scholarly articles. While many journals are available in the net for free, most are too complicated for the public to interpret. This provides you with an opportunity to read through research data and analyze and summarize it in a way that can make sense to an average reader.
Some common medical journals that offer free text include, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), British Medical Journal (BMJ), and Pediatrics.

Major Media Outlets

If you’re looking for ideas on current trends in the world of medicine, disease control and other aspects of public health, the media can set you in the right direction. Major dailies such as the New York Times and Washington Post have dedicated columns for health reporting, opinion and analysis.
Other credible sources include CNN and BBC.

Statistics Is Very Important!

Your eBook will be more useful and credible if it backs assertions, opinion and analysis on scientific data. The good thing is that there are plenty of free data on pretty much every single health problem that affects humans.
Remember to give due credit for facts that you quote directly or paraphrase from your sources. Once you’re done compiling an authoritative eBook, you may contact The Fast Fingers for professional paperback formatting, eBook conversion, interior design, cover design and other critical aspects of book formatting.

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