Blank book on the table

Blank book on the table

There is a wide range of paper out there to choose from for your book printing. However, the question is; which paper type is most appropriate for your book? Colorful paper is not as suitable as plain paper because too many colors hamper reading. It’s easier to read text on a plain background thus white or cream paper is ideal as they are not too bright nor are they too dull to cause eye-strain when reading.

Basically, you may want to experiment on a range of paper choices just to be sure which one is more suitable for your needs. However, your preference may not count as the ideal paper as you should consider what will be suitable for your readers and not go by your tastes. No one wants to read something that is strenuous to read. Offer your readers what they will enjoy reading with ease.

What are some of the factors that could lead to white or cream paper preference?

Ideally, this will depend on the elements you desire to include in your book. For instance, using black for illustrations on white brings them out more boldly than on cream paper. The illustrations appear bolder and more 3D looking as opposed to cream. On the other hand, cream tends to drain some of the effects from the digitally printed illustrations making them a bit blurred.

White paper also adds more boldness to drop caps and the text in general and gives your readers a greater appeal than when you use cream paper. Black and white brings out a better rhyme of colors than black and cream.

On the other hand, if you are using plain text, the idea of using cream paper wouldn’t be that bad after all. However, it doesn’t really come with the much needed appeal for non-fiction books, may be probably suitable for fiction books.

Besides, cream paper pages tend to do better with Lightning Source more than it does with Kindle Direct Publishing. Therefore you might have to opt for Lightning Source if you choose to settle for the cream paper to have the desired effects on your end-product.

Cream paper is preferably suitable for fictions books such as novels while white paper is often used for technical (How To Books) and such other nonfiction books.

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What Will be Suitable for Your Book; White Paper or Cream Paper?

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