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Your book’s cover is its first impression, and we know it needs to be remarkable. Our team specializes in crafting eye-catching covers that not only captivate readers but also convey the essence of your story.  Our cover design services begin at $450, making it affordable to give your book the stunning cover it deserves.

Welcome to our specialized book formatting service, tailored for authors seeking to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Lulu, and IngramSpark. Our expert team ensures that your book adheres to platform guidelines, guaranteeing a professional and visually engaging layout. Leave the technical details to us, so you can concentrate on your writing and marketing efforts. With our assistance, your book will shine with a polished and market-ready appeal, setting it apart in the competitive publishing landscape. Partner with us today and bring your publishing dreams to life.

Our book formatting service offers specialized solutions for both paperback formatting and eBooks. Here’s what we provide for each format:


Professional Layout: We meticulously format your manuscript for paperback printing, ensuring proper margins, font selection, line spacing, and alignment. We create an attractive layout that enhances readability and gives your book a polished appearance.

Chapter Organization: We structure your book with consistent chapter headings, subheadings, and section breaks, providing a logical flow for readers. We also ensure proper pagination and page numbering throughout the book.

Image Placement: If your paperback includes images, illustrations, or graphics, we skillfully integrate them into the layout, ensuring they are appropriately positioned and enhance the visual appeal of your book.

Table of Contents: We create a clear and interactive table of contents that enables easy navigation for readers. Each chapter and section will be accurately listed with corresponding page numbers.


Responsive Design: We format your eBook to be compatible with various e-reading devices and screen sizes. The layout is optimized to provide an enjoyable reading experience across different platforms.

Dynamic Formatting: We adapt the formatting for eBooks, adjusting font sizes, line spacing, and paragraph styles to ensure optimal readability. We also incorporate flexible page breaks and reflowable text to maintain consistency throughout different screen orientations.

Hyperlinked Table of Contents: We create a hyperlinked table of contents, allowing readers to navigate directly to different sections or chapters with a simple click or tap.

Image Optimization: For eBooks that include images or graphics, we optimize them to display correctly and maintain quality across different devices and screen resolutions.

Whether you need paperback formatting or eBook formatting, our services cater to your specific requirements. We ensure that your book is formatted professionally and tailored to the specific format, delivering a visually appealing and reader-friendly result.

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