How To Get Started?

Getting Started Is Easy!

Follow these simple steps to kickstart your book formatting journey:

Step 1: Contact Us Reach out to our team by clicking the “Contact” button below. Let us know your formatting needs and preferences.

Step 2: Quote and Consultation We’ll provide you with a personalized quote based on your project requirements. We can also schedule a consultation to discuss your vision.

Step 3: Send Your Manuscript Share your manuscript with us securely. We’ll confirm receipt and get to work promptly. Also, do not forget to fill-out this form: The Fast Fingers Form

Step 4: Formatting Magic Our experts will transform your manuscript into a beautifully formatted book for print and digital platforms.

Step 5: Review and Approval You’ll receive a draft for review. Once you’re satisfied with the formatting, give us the green light to proceed.

Step 6: Finalization We’ll make any necessary adjustments and finalize your formatted book to meet industry standards.

Step 7: Ready for Publishing You’ll receive print-ready and eBook files, optimized for Lulu, KDP, IngramSpark, or your chosen publishing platform.

Step 8: Publish with Confidence With professionally formatted content, confidently publish your book and captivate your readers.

Ready to get started? CONTACT US TODAY!


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